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Junk Pet Food And
The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
(Unabridged text)
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Happy, healthy customers

Junk pet-food grease and slime contaminating 7 Australian vet schools

RMBConspiracy to defraud pet owners: USA vet clinics, Mars Inc, Nestlé and Colgate in courtRMB

Mars Corporation, world's biggest junk pet-food maker/mass poisoner of pets, brainwashing vets and conning journalists.



Raw Meaty Bones Campaign 1991 - 2017
The lifetime torture of pets by the junk pet-food/vet alliance is a cruel and nasty stain.
In an attempt to educate vets and stop this vile abuse, Dr Tom stands in UK vet elections.
Each year about 10% of voters support Tom.
See all 21 UK vet election manifestos here.

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  • How to feed RAW, MEATY BONES - the best food and medicine for dogs, cats and ferrets?

  • Why pets fed from the can or packet suffer every day of their lives?

  • Why there is an alliance between junk pet food makers ('barfers' included), many veterinarians and fake animal welfare groups designed to keep pet owners confused and in the dark?

  • Why there are massive pet health, human health, scientific, economic and environmental benefits to be gained by listening to nature's teachings?

  • What needs to be done to empower ourselves, safeguard our pets' health and fix the system?

    The sooner we share the answers the sooner we can make a difference for our pets, the community and the wider environment. Let's get started.

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    Most Supportive Vet of the Year 2014

    Work Wonders "Nutri il tuo cane con ossi polposi crudi"

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